Cat fights!
Okay, so you need to spice up your movie and you've already had three dance numbers and a car chase, so now what? A cat fight, of course!

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Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
112fcUNTAMED YOUTH1957BWTN CR A 1950s teen angst movie about youths in a corrupt prison farm who like to sing a lot.3.7558153.7558153.7558153.755815
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
424PsMANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE1966CLRHR A family on a LONG car trip ends up lost and at the house of the evil master and his servant Torgo.4.7096754.7096754.7096754.7096754.709675
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
503Pv10SWAMP DIAMONDS1955CLRCR DR A gang of female convicts escape from prison and search for a hidden stash of diamonds. Picnicking tourists become hostages.3.8604653.8604653.8604653.860465
513PsTHE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE1962BWHR SF The head of a mad doctor's fiancee pops off in a car accident. He keeps it alive in a dish in his lab while he searches for a new body.3.837213.837213.837213.83721
519fcOUTLAW (OF GOR)1989CLRFS Tarl Cabot and his idiot buddy are magically sent to the planet of Gor where he must fight an evil queen and Jack Palance.3.837213.837213.837213.83721
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
601fcGIRLS TOWN1959BWTN CR Silver is wrongly accused of murder by Mel Tormé and sent to a girls school. Paul Anka saves the day.4.6279054.6279054.6279054.6279054.627905
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
1011Pv11HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND1960BWMS A group of exotic dancers are stranded on an island where a radioactive spider threatens to kill them.3.217393.217393.21739 design and original content © 2005 BoB McClure
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