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Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
K00uTHE GREEN SLIME (pilot, never shown)1968CLRSF Astronauts battle one-eyed aliens at a space station.
K01uINVADERS FROM THE DEEP1981CLRSF A submarine crew fight an underwater civilization.
K02uREVENGE OF THE MYSTERONS1967CLRSF Aliens from the Moon battle the Earth.
K04fcGAMERA VS. BARUGON1966CLRMS See episode 3041.51.5
K05fcGAMERA1965BWMS See episode 3021
K06fcGAMERA VS. GAOS1967CLRMS See episode 3081.760871.76087
K07fcGAMERA VS. ZIGRA1971CLRMS See episode 3161.760871.76087
K08fcGAMERA VS. GUIRON1969CLRMS See episode 3121.8478251.847825
K09fcPHASE IV1974CLRSF HR Ants wage an attack against researchers in remote Arizona.2.9186052.9186052.918605
K10fcCOSMIC PRINCESS1976CLRSF Lunar researchers look for minerals on a hostile planet.2.282612.282612.28261
K11fcHUMANOID WOMAN1981CLRSF A clone is found on a wrecked spacecraft. She is brought back to earth, but stows away on a ship headed to try and save her home planet.1.681821.68182
K12fcFUGITIVE ALIEN1986CLRSF See episode 3102.0652152.065215
K13fcSST DEATH FLIGHT1977CLRDR A gaggle of 70s TV stars are trapped in an airplane that is sabotaged, catches fire, and is exposed to a deadly virus.2.5697652.5697652.569765
K14fcMIGHTY JACK1968CLRAA SPY See episode 3141.8260851.826085
K15fcSUPERDOME1978CLRDR AA The mob tries to fix the super bowl by getting the players drunk in a football movie that doesn't actually contain any football.1.720931.72093
K16fcCITY ON FIRE1979CLRAA An oil refinery explosion causes a city wide fire. A mayor and a doctor fight to save a hospital from the firestorm.2.522.522.52
K17fcTIME OF THE APES1987CLRSF See episode 3062.1086952.108695
K18fcTHE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU1967CLRAA SPY The evil Su-Muru and her minions try to conquer the world. Jerry and Dean wannabe's save the day.2.682.682.68
K19fcHANGAR 181980CLRSF An alien ship is accidentally downed by the space shuttle. The government tries to cover it up.2.6571452.6571452.657145
K20fcTHE LAST CHASE1981CLRAA PA In a feulless post-apocalypse, Lee Majors steals gas to race his Porsche. Burgess Meredith gives chase in a fighter jet.2.4651152.4651152.465115
K21fcLEGEND OF THE DINOSAUR1977CLRMS A dinosaur attacks a lake near Mt. Fuji.1.51.5
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
101fcTHE CRAWLING EYE1958BWSF MS People are being decapitated on a remote Swiss mountain covered in a mysterious fog. Scientists and a cute psychic girl investigate.2.6976752.6976752.697675
102fcTHE ROBOT VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY1957BWMS A psychiatrist unleashes a cursed mummy. An evil scientist hypnotizes girls and builds evil robots. The Mummy and Robot fight to the death!2.1860452.186045
ushort: COMMANDO CODY PT 11951BWSF Hero saves the earth from the evil lunar guy Retik. Pt 1: Moon Rocket.
103Pv14MAD MONSTER1942BWMS A mad scientist turns his assistant into a monster to help get revenge on his ex-colleagues.2.0697652.069765
ushort: COMMANDO CODY PT 21951BWSF Hero saves the earth from the evil lunar guy Retik. Pt 2: Molten Terror
104Pv9WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET1966CLRSF A rescue mission is sent to look for survivors of a spaceship that crashed on a prehistoric planet. Hi-keeba!!2.4069752.4069752.406975
105fcTHE CORPSE VANISHES1942BWSF HR A mad scientist (Bela Lugosi) is killing brides at their weddings and using their bodies for evil experiments. 2.779072.779072.77907
ushort: COMMANDO CODY PT 31951BWSF Hero saves the earth from the evil lunar guy Retik. Pt 3: Bridge of Death
106PsTHE CRAWLING HAND1963BWSF HR MS The hand of an astronaut goes around killing people after his body is blown up.2.4354852.4354852.435485
107fcROBOT MONSTER1953BWSF MS An alien named Ro-Man destroys the Earth's population save one family. He tries to off them too, but falls for the hot hu-man girl.3.5232553.5232553.5232553.523255
ushorts: COMMANDO CODY PTS 4 and 51951BWSF Hero saves the earth from the evil lunar guy Retik. Pt 4: Flight of Destruction, Pt 5: Murder Car
108fcTHE SLIME PEOPLE1962BWMS Subterranean monsters encase Los Angeles in a thick fog that hardens into a wall. A scientist, his cute daughters and a pilot must save the day.2.5813952.5813952.581395
ushort: COMMANDO CODY PT 61951BWSF Hero saves the earth from the evil lunar guy Retik. Part 6: Hills of Death
109fcPROJECT MOONBASE1953BWSF On a mission to the moon, a spy attempts sabotage. Meanwhile, the crew fall in love. (Heinlein co-wrote) 3.0232553.0232553.023255
ushorts: COMMANDO CODY PTS 7 and 81951BWSF Hero saves the earth from the evil lunar guy Retik. Pt 7: Camouflaged Destruction, Pt 8: Enemy Planet
110fcROBOT HOLOCAUST1987CLRSF PA A post apocalyptic world is controlled by an evil force known as the Dark One. Rebels fight back.2.174422.17442
ushort: COMMANDO CODY PT 9 (partial)1951BWSF Hero saves the earth from the evil lunar guy Retik. Pt 9: Battle in the Stratosphere
111fcMOON ZERO TWO1969CLRSF AA On the colonized moon, a famous, retired astronaut is hired by a millionaire to capture an asteroid made of sapphire.3.3353.3353.3353.335
112fcUNTAMED YOUTH1957BWTN CR A 1950s teen angst movie about youths in a corrupt prison farm who like to sing a lot.3.7558153.7558153.7558153.755815
113fcTHE BLACK SCORPION1957BWSF MS A volcano in Mexico erupts and lets loose a horde of giant stop-motion scorpions. Two scientists and an obnoxious child must save the day.
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
201fcROCKETSHIP X-M1950BWSF The first trip to the moon is hit by a meteor shower and ends up on Mars. Colonel Lloyd Bridges tells boring stories.4444
202Pv3THE SIDEHACKERS1967CLRBI A sidehacker (motorcycles mixed with circus clowns) seeks vengeance for the murder of his girlfriend.3.558143.558143.558143.55814
203fcJUNGLE GODDESS1948BWAA An expedition to Africa to recover a missing heiress falls apart when she's made queen of the jungle. French-fried potatoes!3.1976753.1976753.197675
ushort: THE PHANTOM CREEPS PT 11939BWSF A mad scientist uses his huge robot, his invisible belt, and exploding spiders in a plot for world domination.
204Pv1CATALINA CAPER1967CLRTN Teens go to the beach to dance, makeout, and solve mysteries involving scrolls, foreign girls, and goofy grown-ups.3.4753.4753.4753.475
205fcROCKET ATTACK USA1961BWAA SPY An American spy is dropped into the USSR to sabotage their atomic rockets. He fails and everyone dies, damn Commies!3.9302353.9302353.9302353.930235
ushort: THE PHANTOM CREEPS PT 21939BWSF A mad scientist uses his huge robot, his invisible belt, and exploding spiders in a plot for world domination.
206Pv11THE RING OF TERROR1962BWTN HR A cast of middle age actors portray students at a medical school. One student must rob a grave for his fraternity hazing.3.604653.604653.604653.60465
ushort: THE PHANTOM CREEPS PT 31939BWSF A mad scientist uses his huge robot, his invisible belt, and exploding spiders in a plot for world domination.
207Pv9WILD REBELS1967CLRBN CR A former race car driver goes under cover in a gang of bikers who are going to rob a bank for kicks.3.616283.616283.616283.61628
208fcLOST CONTINENT1951BWAA MS A government rocket is lost over a mysterious island. The Air Force goes to search for it and instead finds dinosaurs. Rock Climbing!3.3488353.3488353.3488353.348835
209PsTHE HELLCATS1967CLRBI CR A preachy film about kids who run drugs from Mexico.2.129032.12903
210fcKING DINOSAUR1955BWSF MS Two couples/scientists explore the newly discovered planet of Nova. They are attacked by dinosaurs and find Joey the Lemur!3.9186053.9186053.9186053.918605
ushort: X MARKS THE SPOT1940BWED An angel-in-training has trouble watching over a careless driver.
211Pv13FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS1959CLRSF After receiving an extraterrestrial message, a group of international scientists are sent to Venus where they discover a ruined civilization.2.6752.6752.675
212Pv10GODZILLA VS. MEGALON1973CLRMS The Seatopians send Megalon to destroy the land dwellers. Jet Jaguar enlists Godzilla's help. Gigan joins Megalon for a tag-team brawl.4.4186054.4186054.4186054.4186054.418605
213fcGODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER1966CLRMS A guy must save his brother from terrorists and a crab sea-monster with help from a thief, some natives, Mothra, and of course, Godzilla.3.9302353.9302353.9302353.930235
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
301Pv2CAVE DWELLERS1984CLRFS Miles O'Keefe plays Ator, a Conan wanna-be who must help cute princess Mila save her wise father from the evil Zor.3.8853.8853.8853.885
302fcGAMERA1965BWMS Whiney brat Kenny tries to convince everyone that Gamera, the giant flying turtle monster destroying Japan, is his friend.4.5813954.5813954.5813954.5813954.581395
303Pv2POD PEOPLE1983CLRSF HR A kid befreinds a lovable killer space alien, naming it Trumpy (how cute!), whose mother is going around killing the rest of the cast.
304fcGAMERA VS. BARUGON1966CLRMS Thugs steal a huge opal which turns out to be giant lizard Barugon. Gamera does battle.4.0857154.0857154.0857154.085715
305fcSTRANDED IN SPACE1973CLRSF AA An astronaut lands on Terra, a mirror image of Earth, where he's hunted by the Perfect Order (think 1984).3.3488353.3488353.3488353.348835
306fcTIME OF THE APES1987CLRSF A Planet of the Apes rip-off where two kids are accidentally sent to an ape ruled future. I don't care!4.546514.546514.546514.546514.54651
307fcDADDY-O1959BWTN AA Daddy-O is a hip dragster who sings, solves murder mysteries, defeats mob bosses and hikes up his pants.3.8023253.8023253.8023253.802325
ushort: ALPHABET ANTICS1951BWED Various scenes are shown via the letters of the alphabet.
308fcGAMERA VS. GAOS1967CLRMS Children befriend Gamera and lead the Japanese government's fight against a giant laser shooting bird monster.3.558143.558143.558143.55814
309fcTHE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN1957BWSF A man grows to giant size after being exposed to a nuclear blast. His wife leaves him, he goes mad and terrorizes Las Vegas.4.4302354.4302354.4302354.4302354.430235
310fcFUGITIVE ALIEN1986CLRSF Alien Wolf Raider Ken is a wrongly accused traitor on the run. Ha ha ha...You're stuck here!3.558143.558143.558143.55814
311fcIT CONQUERED THE WORLD1956BWSF Peter Graves must save the world from evil, body-snatching Venusians. He learned too late that man is a feeling creature…4.453494.453494.453494.453494.45349
ushort: SNOW THRILLS1950BWNR The wide variety of winter sports is shown.
312fcGAMERA VS. GUIRON1969CLRMS Two brats are kidnapped by evil aliens. Gamera chases them to their planet where he must fight a blade headed Guiron. Cameo by Gaos.4.29074.29074.29074.29074.2907
313fcEARTH VS. THE SPIDER1958BWMS Carol's dad is dead and it turns out a giant spider did it. The police try and kill it, but the spider ends up rampaging through town.4.058144.058144.058144.05814
ushort: SPEECH: USING YOUR VOICE1950BWED Speaking properly is the key to good speaking.
314fcMIGHTY JACK1968CLRAA SPY An evil organization Q is trying to take over the world. Only the super spy team Mighty Jack can stop it.3.0348853.0348853.034885
315fcTEENAGE CAVEMAN1958BWTN FS A teen caveman wants to explore the uncharted jungles beyond his tribe's campsite, but the elders forbid it. The Word is the Law!3.488373.488373.488373.48837
ushort: AQUATIC WIZARDS1955BWNR See the variety of water-skiing in beautiful Cypress Gardens, Florida.
ushort: CATCHING TROUBLE1950BWNR A so-called nature-lover trees a bobcat, bags rattlesnakes, and wrestles two bear cubs.
316fcGAMERA VS. ZIGRA1971CLRMS Gamera saves Japan from aliens from Zigra that have a monster shark spaceship and like to chase kids around.3.674423.674423.674423.67442
317fcVIKING WOMEN VS. THE SEA SERPENT1957BWFS Female Vikings battle a sea monster and an evil king while on a quest to find their missing men.3.9069753.9069753.9069753.906975
ushort: THE HOME ECONOMICS STORY1951BWED Young college woman makes friends, while learning the many benefits of studying Home Economics.
318fcSTAR FORCE: FUGITIVE ALIEN II1986CLRSF AA More adventures of fugitive Ken the wolf-raider and crew. They tried to kill him with a fork lift!3.662793.662793.662793.66279
319fcWAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST1958BWSF The sequal to The Amazing Colossal Man, giant Glen Manning returns, this time scarred and crazy, his sister tries to help him.4.5354.5354.5354.5354.535
ushort: MR. B. NATURAL1960CLRED A prancing pixie shows an young lad the importance of learning how to play a musical instrument.
320Pv3THE UNEARTHLY1957BWSF HR A mad scientist creates havoc when an experiment to stop the aging process goes awry.3.629033.629033.629033.62903
ushort: POSTURE PALS1950BWED An elementary school class has a posture contest.
ushort: APPRECIATING OUR PARENTS1950BWED A boy realizes that he could help his parents by doing things around the house.
321fcSANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS1964CLRCH FS Santa is abducted by Martians to bring joy to Mars' children, but some Martians don't want him to. Meanwhile, Dropo goofs off.4.488374.488374.488374.488374.48837
322fcMASTER NINJA I1984CLRAA Tim Van Patten becomes the apprentice of retired Ninja, Lee Van Cleef. Together they fight bad guys and save Demi Moore.3.732563.732563.732563.73256
323fcTHE CASTLE OF FU-MANCHU1969CLRAA SPY Evil genius Fu-Manchu tries to conquer the world by turning all water into ice. Incomprehensible British spies try and thwart him.3.20933.20933.2093
324fcMASTER NINJA II1984CLRAA The Ninjas from ep. 322 are back to fight more bad guys and this time save Helen from Wings.3.79073.79073.79073.7907
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
401fcSPACE TRAVELERS1969CLRDR Three astronauts become stranded in space when their ship fails. Starring Gregory Peck and Gene Hackman!3.488373.488373.488373.48837
402fcTHE GIANT GILA MONSTER1959BWMS A giant Gila monster goes on a rampage. Chase Winstead--teen, mechanic, boyfriend, brother, and all-around great guy must stop it. 4.3488354.3488354.3488354.3488354.348835
403fcCITY LIMITS1985CLRBI TN A teen biker ventures into a post-apocalyptic city where he joins a gang with Rae Dawn Chong and fights the Renewers and Kim Cattrall.2.3952.3952.395
404Pv6TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE1959BWSF TN Titular teens want to use Earth for a Gargon nursery. But Derek falls for the earth girl Betty and rebels. Meanwhile Thor shoots people. Torture!4.6860454.6860454.6860454.6860454.686045
405fcBEING FROM ANOTHER PLANET1982CLRHR MS A mummy arrives at a college for research. A student steals some crystals from the mummy, so it wakes up and kills to get them back.3.0232553.0232553.023255
406Pv6ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES1959BWHR MS Giant leeches attack a bunch of hicks in the Everglades, including a fat guy, his cheating wife, and a dull game warden.3.8139553.8139553.8139553.813955
ushort: UNDERSEA KINGDOM PT 11936BWFS After a series of land-based disasters, he-man Corrigan and his pals trace the problem to Atlantis.
407Pv7THE KILLER SHREWS1959BWSF MS Scientists on an island accidentally create giant poisonous shrews who attack them. They all stand around and drink a lot.4.1860454.1860454.1860454.186045
ushort: JUNIOR RODEO DAREDEVILS1949BWNR A old farmer helps some idle kids put on a Junior Rodeo.
408Pv7HERCULES UNCHAINED1959CLRFS An Evil queen tricks Herc into drinking from the Fountain of Forgetfulness and holds him captive. Ulysses tries to help.3.8488353.8488353.8488353.848835
409Pv11THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN1956BWHR SF An executed man (Lon Chaney) is brought back to life by a mad scientist. He then kills a lot of people.3.116283.116283.11628
ushort: UNDERSEA KINGDOM PT 21936BWFS After a series of land-based disasters, he-man Corrigan and his pals trace the problem to Atlantis.
410Pv7HERCULES AGAINST THE MOON MEN1964CLRFS Herc must stop an evil queen and some moon men by blindly trodding through a sandstorm. DEEP HURTING!!3.220933.220933.22093
411fcTHE MAGIC SWORD1962CLRFS A knight longs for the love of a princess, but is constantly rebuffed.3.7096753.7096753.7096753.709675
412fcHERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN1961CLRFS Hercules, his son, and a midget get stranded in Atlantis. They fight an evil queen who wants to kill her hot daughter.3.558143.558143.558143.55814
413Pv14MANHUNT IN SPACE1956BWSF Space rangers Rocky and Winky must stop space pirates and traitors from stealing intergalactic cargo with their cold light invisibility cloak3.8604653.8604653.8604653.860465
ushort: GENERAL HOSPITAL PT 11963BWDR A nurse is in love with a doctor, who is in love with someone else, who is engaged to another doctor.
414Pv11TORMENTED1960BWHR A pianist is to be married, but is haunted by the ghost of his ex-mistress, who accidentally fell out of a lighthouse.4.441864.441864.441864.441864.44186
415fcTHE BEATNIKS1960BWBN CR A promising young singer gets in with the wrong crowd and murders a guy.3.483873.483873.483873.48387
ushort: GENERAL HOSPITAL PT 21963BWDR A nurse is in love with a doctor, who is in love with someone else, who is engaged to another doctor.
416fcFIRE MAIDENS OF OUTER SPACE1956BWSF Scientists who like to smoke a lot go to a moon of Jupiter and find a refugee from Atlantis and his many daughters who like to dance a lot.3.953493.953493.953493.95349
417fcCRASH OF THE MOONS1954BWSF Space Ranger Rocky Jones must evacuate a planet before it collides with another planet.4444
ushort: GENERAL HOSPITAL PT 31963BWDR A nurse is in love with a doctor, who is in love with someone else, who is engaged to another doctor.
418fcATTACK OF THE THE EYE CREATURES1965CLRHR MS A really bad alien movie that features aliens with many eyes that land on Earth. They just didn't care.4.032264.032264.032264.03226
419Pv12THE REBEL SET1959BWBN CR A con artist (Edward Platt) tricks a bunch of beatniks into robbing an armored car and then frames them for it on the train ride home.4.162794.162794.162794.16279
ushort: JOHNNY AT THE FAIR1947BWNR A young boy at the fair gets separated from his parents and meets some celebrities.
420fcTHE HUMAN DUPLICATORS1965CLRSF Richard "Jaws" Kiel is an alien who tries to take over the world by duplicating people. The NIA must stop him.4444
421Pv8MONSTER A-GO-GO1965BWHR SF An astronaut crashes in a field, incredibly irradiated, and starts killing people. From there the plot derails.4.20934.20934.20934.2093
ushort: CIRCUS ON ICE1950BWNR Ice skating and a circus theme make for a frightening combination.
422fcTHE DAY THE EARTH FROZE1959CLRFS Film rendition of a Finnish legend about a witch's spell intervening in a marriage--and Sampo!4.4651154.4651154.4651154.4651154.465115
ushort: HERE COMES THE CIRCUS1950BWNR Watch and enjoy the large variety of circus acts!
423fcBRIDE OF THE MONSTER1955BWHR MS Ed Wood classic with mad scientist Bela Lagosi, henchman Tor Johnson, a nosy female reporter, dumb cops and a monster octopus.4.104654.104654.104654.10465
ushort: HIRED! PT 11941BWED An auto sales manager is having poor results with his staff, so he gets some advice from his father.
424PsMANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE1966CLRHR A family on a LONG car trip ends up lost and at the house of the evil master and his servant Torgo.4.7096754.7096754.7096754.7096754.709675
ushort: HIRED! PT 21941BWED An auto sales manager is having poor results with his staff, so he gets some advice from his father.
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
501fcWARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD1983CLRPA SF Post apocalypse, the Paper Chase guy and his talking motorcycle must rescue a girl's father from evil ?. Costarring MegaWeapon.3.9767453.9767453.9767453.976745
502fcHERCULES1958CLRFS Herc teams up with Jason of the Argonauts to quest for the Golden Fleece so the he may win the hand of Iole, the King's daughter.4.104654.104654.104654.10465
503Pv10SWAMP DIAMONDS1955CLRCR DR A gang of female convicts escape from prison and search for a hidden stash of diamonds. Picnicking tourists become hostages.3.8604653.8604653.8604653.860465
ushort: WHAT TO DO ON A DATE1951BWED An awkward teen gets dating advice.
504Pv12SECRET AGENT SUPER DRAGON1966CLRSPY A spy with a cool theme song comes out of retirement to thwart a super villain.3.837213.837213.837213.83721
505fcMAGIC VOYAGE OF SINBAD1953CLRFS An oddly Russian Sinbad seeks to bring happiness to his people by seeking out the Blue Bird of Happiness.4.5806454.5806454.5806454.5806454.580645
506PsEEGAH!1962CLRTN HR Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage. 4.354844.354844.354844.354844.35484
507PsI ACCUSE MY PARENTS1944BWTN CR A teenager's dysfunctional family life leads him into trouble with a night club dancer and the mob.
ushort: THE TRUCK FARMER1940BWED Farmers raise winter vegetables, which are then trucked to markets up north.
508fcOPERATION DOUBLE 0071967CLRSPY Evil Mr. Thayer tries to take over the world by freezing all machinery. Neil Connery, doctor, hypnotist, brother of a real spy is called in.4.6428554.6428554.6428554.6428554.642855
509fcGIRL IN LOVER'S LANE1959BWTN DR Runaway Danny tags along with drifter Big Stupid. They stop off in a small town where they find love… and murder!4.5813954.5813954.5813954.5813954.581395
510fcLASSIE: THE PAINTED HILLS1951CLRWS A prospector finds gold but is betrayed by his partner. His dog Shep (played by Lassie) seeks out justice for him.4.895354.895354.895354.895354.89535
ushort: BODY CARE AND GROOMING1950BWED A college co-ed is not going to land a man, if she looks sloppy and smells bad.
511Pv6GUNSLINGER1956CLRWS After her husband is gunned down, Rose Hood takes his place as sheriff of a small Western town. 2.9032252.9032252.903225
512PsMITCHELL1975CLRAA Joe Don Baker is Mitchell, a cop who doesn't follow the rules, messes up everything and is pretty disgusting.4.6279054.6279054.6279054.6279054.627905
513PsTHE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE1962BWHR SF The head of a mad doctor's fiancee pops off in a car accident. He keeps it alive in a dish in his lab while he searches for a new body.3.837213.837213.837213.83721
514Pv10TEEN-AGE STRANGLER1965CLRTN HR A serial killer is attacking teen-age girls. Jimmy is accused, but is innocent and must find the real killer.3.558143.558143.558143.55814
ushort: IS THIS LOVE?1957BWED A college student advises her roommate against rushing into marriage.
515PsWILD, WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN1966BWHR Batwoman and her army of Batgirls fight the evil mad scientist, Rat Fink and his very silly group of henchmen, and dance a lot. End... END!!!3.6153.6153.6153.615
ushort: CHEATING1952BWED A teen agonizes after he is caught cheating on a test.
516fcALIEN FROM L.A.1988CLRAA Thespian and helium addict, Kathy Ireland, plays Wanda who ventures off to rescue her missing father who has found Atlantis, under Egypt.2.8152.8152.815
517PsTHE BEGINNING OF THE END1957BWSF MS Chicago is attacked by giant grasshoppers. Peter Graves and a sassy journalist save the day.4.383724.383724.383724.383724.38372
518Pv3THE ATOMIC BRAIN1964BWSF A mad scientist uses atomic power to perform brain transplants on her housekeepers.4.306454.306454.306454.306454.30645
ushort: WHAT ABOUT JUVENILE DELINQUENCY1955BWED A teen drops out of a gang, when they mug his father for his pencil.
519fcOUTLAW (OF GOR)1989CLRFS Tarl Cabot and his idiot buddy are magically sent to the planet of Gor where he must fight an evil queen and Jack Palance.3.837213.837213.837213.83721
520fcRADAR SECRET SERVICE1950BWAA Radar is great! The US Government uses radar technology to capture criminals. Um… Radar!!!4.1854.1854.1854.185
ushort: LAST CLEAR CHANCE1959CLRED Traffic awareness. Why don't they listen?
521fcSANTA CLAUS1959CLRCH FS Satan sends Pitch, one of his demons, to harass Santa by making the world's children evil.4.616284.616284.616284.616284.61628
522fcTEEN-AGE CRIME WAVE1955BWTN CR Jane's delinquent friend involves her in an armed robbery followed by a jail-break and hostage-taking on a small farm. And Satan's Jockstrap.4.0454.0454.0454.045
523fcVILLAGE OF THE GIANTS1965CLRSF Delinquent teens lead by Beau Bridges steal some "Goop" from boy-genius Opie, eat it, grow thirty feet tall, and take over a small town.4.0454.0454.0454.045
524fc12 TO THE MOON1960BWSF An international group of astronauts go to the moon, find an alien intelligence and battle with it.4.1511654.1511654.1511654.151165
ushort: DESIGN FOR DREAMING1956CLRCM A woman of the future wants her hubbie to buy every car she sees.
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
601fcGIRLS TOWN1959BWTN CR Silver is wrongly accused of murder by Mel Tormé and sent to a girls school. Paul Anka saves the day.4.6279054.6279054.6279054.6279054.627905
602fcINVASION U.S.A.1952BWDR Evil Russia launches a nuclear attack on the USA. People in a bar decide to do for their country!3.4069753.4069753.4069753.406975
ushort: A DATE WITH YOUR FAMILY1950BWED Three kids help their mother make a formal dinner.
603Pv8THE DEAD TALK BACK1957BWSF People at a rooming house are questioned about a murder, including a man who can talk to the dead.3.7441853.7441853.7441853.744185
ushort: THE SELLING WIZARD1950CLRCM Large, modern freezers make it easier for grocers to sell their goods and make high profits.
604fcZOMBIE NIGHTMARE1986CLRHR A boy is brought back from the dead by a voodoo witch to seek revenge on his killers.4.177424.177424.177424.17742
605fcCOLOSSUS AND THE HEADHUNTERS1962CLRFS Colossus leads a bunch of poor islanders to a battle against enemy headhunters.4.0645154.0645154.0645154.064515
606Pv1THE CREEPING TERROR1964BWMS TN A spaceship crashes, a monster emerges and begins eating teenagers. A horrible, horrible movie starring the Narrator.3.511633.511633.511633.51163
607Pv1BLOODLUST!1961BWHR A group of vacationers including a young Mr. Brady are captured by a madman who then hunts them on his estate.3.5348853.5348853.5348853.534885
ushort: UNCLE JIM'S DAIRY FARM1960CLRED Two city kids learn the what their country cousins do on their dairy farm.
608fcCODE NAME: DIAMOND HEAD1977CLRSPY Diamond Head must prevent the evil Tree (played by Lovejoy) from stealing a deadly nerve gas to sell to foreign powers.3.6511653.6511653.6511653.651165
ushort: A DAY AT THE FAIR1947BWNR A farm family has a good time at the state fair.
609Pv1THE SKY DIVERS1963BWDR A skydiving school is the setting for a bunch of people with no names or personalities to cheat on each other… and get revenge! Sort of.3.6279053.6279053.6279053.627905
ushort: WHY STUDY THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS?1956BWED A high school student really likes his shop class.
610fcTHE VIOLENT YEARS1956BWTN CR A neglected young woman leads an all girl crime spree that goes from robber to murder. Written by Ed Wood.4.20934.20934.20934.2093
ushort: YOUNG MAN'S FANCY1952CLRCM A family appreciates the modern household appliances electricity makes possible.
611fcLAST OF THE WILD HORSES1948BWWS A cowboy must clear himself of a murder he did not commit. Remedy helps out. Dr. F & Frank riff!3.8139553.8139553.8139553.813955
612Pv12THE STARFIGHTERS1963CLRDR A really bad movie about some Air Force pilots, where the plot is nonexistent.4.032264.032264.032264.03226
613Pv9THE SINISTER URGE1961BWDR An Ed Wood movie about murders and smut picture racket.4.2258054.2258054.2258054.225805
ushort: KEEPING CLEAN AND NEAT1956BWED A fifth grade girl and boy demonstrate good hygiene habits.
614fcSAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL1970CLRDR Jim Conred runs an airport his way. He also saves runaway kids and foils robbery attempts.3.837213.837213.837213.83721
615fcKITTEN WITH A WHIP1964BWDR CR BN A young female delinquent (Anne Margret) escapes, and with her beatnik friends terrorizes and then kidnaps a politician.3.674423.674423.674423.67442
616fcRACKET GIRLS1951BWCR A gangster manages women wrestlers as a front for his bookmaking, drug, and prostitution rackets.3.870973.870973.870973.87097
ushort: ARE YOU READY FOR MARRIAGE?1950BWED A high school senior wants to get married right after she graduates.
617fcTHE SWORD AND THE DRAGON1956CLRFS A man inherits a magic sword which he uses to vanquish the evil Tugars and their dragon.4.677424.677424.677424.677424.67742
618fcHIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT1959BWCR DR A high school student tries to win back his girl by organizing a robbery of drug money.4.3139554.3139554.3139554.3139554.313955
ushort: OUT OF THIS WORLD1950CLRED An angel and a devil try to persuade a borderline wholesale bakery salesman to their side.
619PsRED ZONE CUBA1966BWCR AA A trio of convicts joins up for an assault on a Cuban stronghold.3.483873.483873.483873.48387
ushort: SPEECH1949BWED Looking good and standing up straight make a better speaker.
620fcDANGER!! DEATH RAY1967CLRSPY AA Secret agent Bart Fargo is hired to find a kidnapped scientist and his latest invention: The Death Ray.3.883723.883723.883723.88372
621fcTHE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS1961BWHR A scientist is mutated by a nuclear explosion and goes around randomly killing people.4.661294.661294.661294.661294.66129
ushort: MONEY TALKS!1951BWED Having trouble saving money, a kid gets advice from none other than Ben Franklin.
ushort: PROGRESS ISLAND, U.S.A.1970CLRCM Modern Puerto Rico has a lot to offer.
622Pv2ANGELS' REVENGE1979CLRAA In a blatant Charlie's Angels rip-off, six women join forces to bust a drug ring led my Jack Palance.3.1511653.1511653.151165
623fcTHE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN1960BWSF A madman forces a scientist to invent an invisibility ray by kidnapping his daughter and then uses it on an escaped bank robber.3.8023253.8023253.8023253.802325
ushort: THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES1955CLRED The disabling injuries of railroad workers effect those around them.
624fcSAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN1962BWHR A famous Mexican wrestler is hired to save a young woman from a group of vampires. Frank leaves Deep 13!3.9653.9653.9653.965
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
701fcNIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST1958BWSF MS An astronaut returns from space dead. He recovers, but is infected by an alien that hitched a ride back and is now running loose.4.6976754.6976754.6976754.6976754.697675
ushort: ONCE UPON A HONEYMOON1956CLRCM Waiting to go on a postponed honeymoon, a woman dreams of new home décor.
702fcTHE BRUTE MAN1946BWHR A deformed and mentally unhinged man wreaks his revenge on those who deformed him.3.870973.870973.870973.87097
ushort: THE CHICKEN OF TOMORROW1950CLRCM The many aspects of the modern chicken farming industry are shown.
703fcDEATHSTALKER AND THE WARRIORS FROM HELL1989CLRFS Deathstalker, a very unlikable hero, tries to protect a princess. She gets killed, so he tries to protect her sister.3.9651153.9651153.9651153.965115
704fcTHE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN1977CLRHR MS An astronaut survives a crash but begins to melt. So, he escapes and starts killing people. Dr. Ted Nelson must stop him.3.6395353.6395353.6395353.639535
705fcESCAPE 20001984CLRPA AA An evil corporation is forcing people to leave the Bronx! Renegades Trash and Toblerone fight back.3.9186053.9186053.9186053.918605
706Pv13LASERBLAST1978CLRHR SF A teenager stumbles upon an alien weapon, which transform him into a grotesque killer.3.1129053.1129053.112905
M01MnSTHIS ISLAND EARTH1955CLRSF Scientist Cal is invited to a secret lab that, it turns out, is being run by aliens who are trying stop an interplanetary war.4.5571454.5571454.5571454.5571454.557145
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
801fcREVENGE OF THE CREATURE1955BWMS The Creature from the Black Lagoon escapes from captivity at a Florida aquarium and chases around the cute girl.3.4186053.4186053.4186053.418605
802fcTHE LEECH WOMAN1960BWHR An old cynical woman finds the secret of restored youth in Africa--drinking the blood of sacrificed men.4.0930254.0930254.0930254.093025
803fcTHE MOLE PEOPLE1956BWSF An expedition goes awry when the exploeres fall down a hole and discover an underground civilization.3.5232553.5232553.5232553.523255
804fcTHE DEADLY MANTIS1957BWSF MS After being exposed to atomic radiation, a giant Praying Mantis attacks the North Pole.3.779073.779073.779073.77907
805fcTHE THING THAT COULDN'T DIE1958BWHR On a farm, a girl is divining for water, but finds an old chest instead. Inside is an evil head that begins hypnotizing everyone.!4.1279054.1279054.1279054.127905
806fcTHE UNDEAD1957BWFS A psychic causes a woman to regress to medieval France where her former self is accused of being a witch.3.383723.383723.383723.38372
807fcTERROR FROM THE YEAR 50001958BWSF MS Scientist working on a time machine, accidentally bring back a creature from the year 5000. Terror ensues.3.8428553.8428553.8428553.842855
808fcTHE SHE CREATURE1956BWSF MS A shady doctor hypnotizes the spirit out of his cute assistant, but it also conjures a female sea monster that starts attacking people.3.2857153.2857153.2857153.285715
809fcI WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF1957BWHR MS A troubled teen (Michael Landon) seeking help is transformed into a werewolf by his evil doctor.3.4767453.4767453.4767453.476745
810Pv10THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION1975CLRHR MS Giant spiders from another dimension start attacking. Two middle-aged scientists and Alan Hale Jr. must save the day.3.0813953.0813953.081395
811Pv12PARTS: THE CLONUS HORROR1978CLRSF A clone escapes the lab where people are cloned to provide body parts for politicians and Peter Graves.4.328574.328574.328574.328574.32857
812Pv9THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES1963CLRHR A fortune teller hypnotizes Jerry, (played by the director), has him kill, then turns him into a zombie. A lot of dancing and singing…?3.546513.546513.546513.54651
813fcJACK FROST1966CLRFS A cute girl's wicked step-mother throws her out. A prince finds her but is turned into a bear. Jack Frost comes and saves the day...kinda.3.988373.988373.988373.98837
814fcRIDING WITH DEATH1976CLRAA SPY Secret agent Ben Murphy, who can turn invisible, fights terrorists with the help of idiot country singer/ truck driver Billy Bob.4.0930254.0930254.0930254.093025
815fcAGENT FOR H.A.R.M.1966CLRSPY AA Secret agent Adam Chance stops the bad guys from using a scientist's flesh-eating bacteria as a weapon.4.128574.128574.128574.12857
816Pv7PRINCE OF SPACE1959BWSF AA When aliens from Krankor invade Earth to steal a powerful new rocket fuel, a mysterious hero fights back. Your weapons are useless!4.046514.046514.046514.04651
817fcHORROR OF PARTY BEACH1964BWHR MS Sea monsters created from radioactive waste terrorize beach party teens. Dogooder Hank, Elaine, and her scientist father try to stop them.3.9142853.9142853.9142853.914285
818fcDEVIL DOLL1964BWHR A ventriloquist who likes to abuse his oddly life-like dummy, Hugo, hypnotizes a beautiful heiress. Her reporter boyfriend investigates.3.863.863.863.86
819fcINVASION OF THE NEPTUNE MEN1961BWSF Japan is attacked by lame robot aliens. Space Chief saves the day while being egged on by a pack of incredibly obnoxious children.2.7652.7652.765
820Pv4SPACE MUTINY1988CLRSF A spacehip of survivors are looking for a new home. But, traiters led by evil Kalgan are trying to take over. Pilot, Dave Ryder fights back.4444
821Pv5TIME CHASERS1994CLRSF Inventor Nick creates a time-traveling plane, but evil huge corp. uses it to destroy the future so he must goes back in time to stop them.4.0348854.0348854.0348854.034885
822Pv4OVERDRAWN AT THE MEMORY BANK1985CLRSF In the future, Raul Julia gets in trouble for watching Casablanca, so he's doppled into the main computer where he gets trapped.3.9767453.9767453.9767453.976745
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
901fcTHE PROJECTED MAN1967CLRSF HR Stuffy British scientists create a matter projector out of lasers. There's sabatage, bad projections, mutated scientist and Lembach!3.4186053.4186053.4186053.418605
902Pv8PHANTOM PLANET1961BWSF An astronaut crashes on a meteor inhabited by miniature people who are at war with the Solanites. He's shrunk and taken prisoner.3.395353.395353.395353.39535
903fcPUMA MAN1980CLRFS AA A man discovers that he's an Aztec god-like creature-- the Puma Man! And, he must stop Donald Pleasence' evil plans.4.3139554.3139554.3139554.3139554.313955
904Pv13WEREWOLF1996CLRHR MS An archeological dig turns up the bones of a wirwulf [sic]. Many bad acting people with tight shirts and strange accents run around.4.0254.0254.0254.025
905fcTHE DEADLY BEES1966CLRHR A 60's rock singer takes a relaxing vacation on an island, at a bee farm. But then, the bees start killing people.3.383723.383723.383723.38372
906fcTHE SPACE CHILDREN1958BWSF An alien blob forces children to sabotage a military project.3.195653.195653.19565
ushort: CENTURY 21 CALLING1962CLRCM Two perky teens explore every inch of the telephone exhibit at Seattle's fair.
907Pv8HOBGOBLINS1987CLRHR Goblins wreak havoc when they escape from a movie studio. Embarrassingly bad movie-making.4.174424.174424.174424.17442
908Pv5THE TOUCH OF SATAN1970CLRHR Free-wheeling 70's dude, Jodie, wanders on to a farm where he meets a cute girl and here scary scarred grandma who kills for fun.
909fcGORGO1961CLRMS A sea monster named Gorgo is found off the coast of Ireland. His much bigger mom comes looking for him, and she's pissed.3.6279053.6279053.6279053.627905
910fcTHE FINAL SACRIFICE1990CLRFS AA An ancient cult kill a boy's father and then come after him in search of their Lost City. Canadian hockey-haired Zap Rowsdower saves the day.4.20934.20934.20934.2093
911fcDEVIL FISH1984CLRMS A fish monster runs around the everglades. Evil scientists are involved. They're all Italians and drink a lot of Budweiser.2.767442.767442.76744
912fcTHE SCREAMING SKULL1958BWHR A husband tries to drive his wife insane, but the ghost of his ex-wife interferes with his plans.3.3023253.3023253.3023253.302325
ushort: ROBOT RUMPUS1956CLRCH Gumby's idea of having robots do work around the house and yard backfires.
913fcQUEST OF THE DELTA KNIGHTS1993CLRFS The Delta Knights, a secret society, attempt to save a medieval world from evil with help from a kid, a hooker and Leonardo Da Vinci.2.8604652.8604652.860465
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
1001Pv14SOULTAKER1990CLRHR Four teens are killed in a car accident. Two of the teens refuse to go with Death (Joe Estevez) and action ensues.3.9571453.9571453.9571453.957145
1002Pv4THE GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS1969CLRBN A café waitress goes off to L. A. with Buzz 'the dangerous one' to become a go-go dancer. They pick up Critter 'the artsy one' on the way.4.0354.0354.0354.035
1003Pv5MERLIN'S SHOP OF MYSTICAL WONDERS1996CLRFS HR Two horror films joined together by Merlin's Shop which is introduced by a Grandpa telling the story.4.483874.483874.483874.483874.48387
1004Pv13FUTURE WAR1996CLRSF AA A runaway slave from Earth's future is being hunted by cyborgs and their tracker dinosaurs. Ann the hooker-turned-nun helps him.
1005fcBLOOD WATERS OF DR. Z1972CLRHR A mad doctor turns himself into a mutant-fish to try to take over the world. Some nameless characters try and stop him…kinda.3.0853.0853.085
1006Pv5BOGGY CREEK II1985CLRMS Professor and students camp out to find Bigfoot-type creature.3.739133.739133.739133.73913
1007fcTRACK OF THE MOON BEAST1976CLRHR MS Paul is hit by a meteorite and transforms into a lizard monster. Johny Longbow must stop him. Teens sing California Lady.3.453493.453493.453493.45349
1008Pv14FINAL JUSTICE1984CLRAA A Texas sheriff (Joe Don Baker) runs amuck in Malta while chasing after a mobster who killed his partner.3.528573.528573.528573.52857
1009Pv4HAMLET1960BWDR An old European version of the classic Shakespeare play.1.6086951.608695
1010fcIT LIVES BY NIGHT1974CLRHR MS A doctor is bitten by a bat in a cave. His wife and doctor think he has rabies, but really he's changing into a bat monster and killing people.3.628573.628573.628573.62857
1011Pv11HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND1960BWMS A group of exotic dancers are stranded on an island where a radioactive spider threatens to kill them.3.217393.217393.21739
1012fcSQUIRM1976CLRHR Downed electric wires turn thousands of earthworms carnivorous. The worms overrun a southern town.4444
ushort: A CASE OF SPRING FEVER1940BWED A obnoxious springy sprite grants a man his wish that all springs disappear...a wish that he soon regrets.
1013fcDANGER: DIABOLIK1968CLRSPY AA Super spy Diabolik runs around stealing jewels, gold, murdering innocent people, and being a nuisance.3.739133.739133.739133.73913
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
MC01PsREEFER MADNESS1936BWED A dramatizaion of what happens when a complete square gets hooked on The Reefer, goes insane and shoots his girlfriend. Very factual.
MC02PsNIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD1968BWHR The dead come back to life and start eating the living! A few survivors hole up in a deserted farmhouse in this cheerful tale.1.251.25
MC03PsCARNIVAL OF SOULS1962BWHR A group of drag-racing teenagers plung their car off a bridge. They all die, but Mary survivies…or does she?!4.6254.6254.6254.6254.625
MC04PsHOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL1959BWHR Vincent Price throws a party for his wife, inviting a bunch of strangers to be locked up together all night in a haunted house. Murder ensues.
MC05PsPLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE1956BWSF Evil Aliens bring the dead back to life to try and take over the world. An intrepid airline pilot tries to save his wife.3.8753.8753.8753.875
MC06PsLITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS1956BWHR SF A nerdy flower store worker discovers a man-eating plant. Will he kill to keep it alive?3.8753.8753.8753.875

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