Mexican Imports
And you thought the Japanese has some goofy ideas...
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Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
102fcTHE ROBOT VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY1957BWMS A psychiatrist unleashes a cursed mummy. An evil scientist hypnotizes girls and builds evil robots. The Mummy and Robot fight to the death!2.1860452.186045
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
521fcSANTA CLAUS1959CLRCH FS Satan sends Pitch, one of his demons, to harass Santa by making the world's children evil.4.616284.616284.616284.616284.61628
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
624fcSAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN1962BWHR A famous Mexican wrestler is hired to save a young woman from a group of vampires. Frank leaves Deep 13!3.9653.9653.9653.965 design and original content © 2005 BoB McClure
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