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The Japanese, with their whiney, bossy children dressed in short shorts and their giant rubber monsters, it's a wonder they've survived as long as they have. Then add to that some of the worst translation and dubbing this side of Monster Island, and you have some of the best MST3K material out there.
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Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
K21fcLEGEND OF THE DINOSAUR1977CLRMS A dinosaur attacks a lake near Mt. Fuji.1.51.5
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
212Pv10GODZILLA VS. MEGALON1973CLRMS The Seatopians send Megalon to destroy the land dwellers. Jet Jaguar enlists Godzilla's help. Gigan joins Megalon for a tag-team brawl.4.4186054.4186054.4186054.4186054.418605
213fcGODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER1966CLRMS A guy must save his brother from terrorists and a crab sea-monster with help from a thief, some natives, Mothra, and of course, Godzilla.3.9302353.9302353.9302353.930235
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
302fcGAMERA1965BWMS Whiney brat Kenny tries to convince everyone that Gamera, the giant flying turtle monster destroying Japan, is his friend.4.5813954.5813954.5813954.5813954.581395
304fcGAMERA VS. BARUGON1966CLRMS Thugs steal a huge opal which turns out to be giant lizard Barugon. Gamera does battle.4.0857154.0857154.0857154.085715
306fcTIME OF THE APES1987CLRSF A Planet of the Apes rip-off where two kids are accidentally sent to an ape ruled future. I don't care!4.546514.546514.546514.546514.54651
308fcGAMERA VS. GAOS1967CLRMS Children befriend Gamera and lead the Japanese government's fight against a giant laser shooting bird monster.3.558143.558143.558143.55814
310fcFUGITIVE ALIEN1986CLRSF Alien Wolf Raider Ken is a wrongly accused traitor on the run. Ha ha ha...You're stuck here!3.558143.558143.558143.55814
312fcGAMERA VS. GUIRON1969CLRMS Two brats are kidnapped by evil aliens. Gamera chases them to their planet where he must fight a blade headed Guiron. Cameo by Gaos.4.29074.29074.29074.29074.2907
314fcMIGHTY JACK1968CLRAA SPY An evil organization Q is trying to take over the world. Only the super spy team Mighty Jack can stop it.3.0348853.0348853.034885
316fcGAMERA VS. ZIGRA1971CLRMS Gamera saves Japan from aliens from Zigra that have a monster shark spaceship and like to chase kids around.3.674423.674423.674423.67442
318fcSTAR FORCE: FUGITIVE ALIEN II1986CLRSF AA More adventures of fugitive Ken the wolf-raider and crew. They tried to kill him with a fork lift!3.662793.662793.662793.66279
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
816Pv7PRINCE OF SPACE1959BWSF AA When aliens from Krankor invade Earth to steal a powerful new rocket fuel, a mysterious hero fights back. Your weapons are useless!4.046514.046514.046514.04651
819fcINVASION OF THE NEPTUNE MEN1961BWSF Japan is attacked by lame robot aliens. Space Chief saves the day while being egged on by a pack of incredibly obnoxious children.2.7652.7652.765

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