Movies with Song/Dance Numbers
Ever wonder what to do when the plot of your teen targeted movie only amounts to about 20 minutes of actual running time. Easy. Have your characters sing and dance to the latest hippest music trends. Oh, and maybe you can even sell some sound tracks. Hm, what? Flesh out the plot? Nah.

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Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
204Pv1CATALINA CAPER1967CLRTN Teens go to the beach to dance, makeout, and solve mysteries involving scrolls, foreign girls, and goofy grown-ups.3.4753.4753.4753.475
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
303Pv2POD PEOPLE1983CLRSF HR A kid befreinds a lovable killer space alien, naming it Trumpy (how cute!), whose mother is going around killing the rest of the cast.
307fcDADDY-O1959BWTN AA Daddy-O is a hip dragster who sings, solves murder mysteries, defeats mob bosses and hikes up his pants.3.8023253.8023253.8023253.802325
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
506PsEEGAH!1962CLRTN HR Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage. 4.354844.354844.354844.354844.35484
507PsI ACCUSE MY PARENTS1944BWTN CR A teenager's dysfunctional family life leads him into trouble with a night club dancer and the mob.
514Pv10TEEN-AGE STRANGLER1965CLRTN HR A serial killer is attacking teen-age girls. Jimmy is accused, but is innocent and must find the real killer.3.558143.558143.558143.55814
515PsWILD, WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN1966BWHR Batwoman and her army of Batgirls fight the evil mad scientist, Rat Fink and his very silly group of henchmen, and dance a lot. End... END!!!3.6153.6153.6153.615
523fcVILLAGE OF THE GIANTS1965CLRSF Delinquent teens lead by Beau Bridges steal some "Goop" from boy-genius Opie, eat it, grow thirty feet tall, and take over a small town.4.0454.0454.0454.045
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
601fcGIRLS TOWN1959BWTN CR Silver is wrongly accused of murder by Mel Tormé and sent to a girls school. Paul Anka saves the day.4.6279054.6279054.6279054.6279054.627905
609Pv1THE SKY DIVERS1963BWDR A skydiving school is the setting for a bunch of people with no names or personalities to cheat on each other… and get revenge! Sort of.3.6279053.6279053.6279053.627905
622Pv2ANGELS' REVENGE1979CLRAA In a blatant Charlie's Angels rip-off, six women join forces to bust a drug ring led my Jack Palance.3.1511653.1511653.151165
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
812Pv9THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES1963CLRHR A fortune teller hypnotizes Jerry, (played by the director), has him kill, then turns him into a zombie. A lot of dancing and singing…?3.546513.546513.546513.54651
817fcHORROR OF PARTY BEACH1964BWHR MS Sea monsters created from radioactive waste terrorize beach party teens. Dogooder Hank, Elaine, and her scientist father try to stop them.3.9142853.9142853.9142853.914285
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
907Pv8HOBGOBLINS1987CLRHR Goblins wreak havoc when they escape from a movie studio. Embarrassingly bad movie-making.4.174424.174424.174424.17442
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
1002Pv4THE GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS1969CLRBN A café waitress goes off to L. A. with Buzz 'the dangerous one' to become a go-go dancer. They pick up Critter 'the artsy one' on the way.4.0354.0354.0354.035 design and original content © 2005 BoB McClure
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