Make a Movie by Splicing Together Multiple Eps of a TV Series
Well, the TV show is over. Failed miserably actually. But maybe, just maybe, we can make some more money out of it. I know! Let's make a movie! No, no, not an original movie based on the show. Let's just take a couple of the episodes and splice 'em together.
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Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
306fcTIME OF THE APES1987CLRSF A Planet of the Apes rip-off where two kids are accidentally sent to an ape ruled future. I don't care!4.546514.546514.546514.546514.54651
310fcFUGITIVE ALIEN1986CLRSF Alien Wolf Raider Ken is a wrongly accused traitor on the run. Ha ha ha...You're stuck here!3.558143.558143.558143.55814
314fcMIGHTY JACK1968CLRAA SPY An evil organization Q is trying to take over the world. Only the super spy team Mighty Jack can stop it.3.0348853.0348853.034885
318fcSTAR FORCE: FUGITIVE ALIEN II1986CLRSF AA More adventures of fugitive Ken the wolf-raider and crew. They tried to kill him with a fork lift!3.662793.662793.662793.66279
322fcMASTER NINJA I1984CLRAA Tim Van Patten becomes the apprentice of retired Ninja, Lee Van Cleef. Together they fight bad guys and save Demi Moore.3.732563.732563.732563.73256
324fcMASTER NINJA II1984CLRAA The Ninjas from ep. 322 are back to fight more bad guys and this time save Helen from Wings.3.79073.79073.79073.7907
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
814fcRIDING WITH DEATH1976CLRAA SPY Secret agent Ben Murphy, who can turn invisible, fights terrorists with the help of idiot country singer/ truck driver Billy Bob.4.0930254.0930254.0930254.093025 design and original content © 2005 BoB McClure
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