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Is it any suprise that so many movies that have been MySTified are left for dead, shoved under the rug, burried like a dead hooker? Not really.

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Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
K19fcHANGAR 181980CLRSF An alien ship is accidentally downed by the space shuttle. The government tries to cover it up.2.6571452.6571452.657145
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
101fcTHE CRAWLING EYE1958BWSF MS People are being decapitated on a remote Swiss mountain covered in a mysterious fog. Scientists and a cute psychic girl investigate.2.6976752.6976752.697675
102fcTHE ROBOT VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY1957BWMS A psychiatrist unleashes a cursed mummy. An evil scientist hypnotizes girls and builds evil robots. The Mummy and Robot fight to the death!2.1860452.186045
103Pv14MAD MONSTER1942BWMS A mad scientist turns his assistant into a monster to help get revenge on his ex-colleagues.2.0697652.069765
105fcTHE CORPSE VANISHES1942BWSF HR A mad scientist (Bela Lugosi) is killing brides at their weddings and using their bodies for evil experiments. 2.779072.779072.77907
106PsTHE CRAWLING HAND1963BWSF HR MS The hand of an astronaut goes around killing people after his body is blown up.2.4354852.4354852.435485
107fcROBOT MONSTER1953BWSF MS An alien named Ro-Man destroys the Earth's population save one family. He tries to off them too, but falls for the hot hu-man girl.3.5232553.5232553.5232553.523255
108fcTHE SLIME PEOPLE1962BWMS Subterranean monsters encase Los Angeles in a thick fog that hardens into a wall. A scientist, his cute daughters and a pilot must save the day.2.5813952.5813952.581395
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
201fcROCKETSHIP X-M1950BWSF The first trip to the moon is hit by a meteor shower and ends up on Mars. Colonel Lloyd Bridges tells boring stories.4444
206Pv11THE RING OF TERROR1962BWTN HR A cast of middle age actors portray students at a medical school. One student must rob a grave for his fraternity hazing.3.604653.604653.604653.60465
210fcKING DINOSAUR1955BWSF MS Two couples/scientists explore the newly discovered planet of Nova. They are attacked by dinosaurs and find Joey the Lemur!3.9186053.9186053.9186053.918605
211Pv13FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS1959CLRSF After receiving an extraterrestrial message, a group of international scientists are sent to Venus where they discover a ruined civilization.2.6752.6752.675
212Pv10GODZILLA VS. MEGALON1973CLRMS The Seatopians send Megalon to destroy the land dwellers. Jet Jaguar enlists Godzilla's help. Gigan joins Megalon for a tag-team brawl.4.4186054.4186054.4186054.4186054.418605
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
320Pv3THE UNEARTHLY1957BWSF HR A mad scientist creates havoc when an experiment to stop the aging process goes awry.3.629033.629033.629033.62903
321fcSANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS1964CLRCH FS Santa is abducted by Martians to bring joy to Mars' children, but some Martians don't want him to. Meanwhile, Dropo goofs off.4.488374.488374.488374.488374.48837
323fcTHE CASTLE OF FU-MANCHU1969CLRAA SPY Evil genius Fu-Manchu tries to conquer the world by turning all water into ice. Incomprehensible British spies try and thwart him.3.20933.20933.2093
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
402fcTHE GIANT GILA MONSTER1959BWMS A giant Gila monster goes on a rampage. Chase Winstead--teen, mechanic, boyfriend, brother, and all-around great guy must stop it. 4.3488354.3488354.3488354.3488354.348835
404Pv6TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE1959BWSF TN Titular teens want to use Earth for a Gargon nursery. But Derek falls for the earth girl Betty and rebels. Meanwhile Thor shoots people. Torture!4.6860454.6860454.6860454.6860454.686045
406Pv6ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES1959BWHR MS Giant leeches attack a bunch of hicks in the Everglades, including a fat guy, his cheating wife, and a dull game warden.3.8139553.8139553.8139553.813955
407Pv7THE KILLER SHREWS1959BWSF MS Scientists on an island accidentally create giant poisonous shrews who attack them. They all stand around and drink a lot.4.1860454.1860454.1860454.186045
408Pv7HERCULES UNCHAINED1959CLRFS An Evil queen tricks Herc into drinking from the Fountain of Forgetfulness and holds him captive. Ulysses tries to help.3.8488353.8488353.8488353.848835
409Pv11THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN1956BWHR SF An executed man (Lon Chaney) is brought back to life by a mad scientist. He then kills a lot of people.3.116283.116283.11628
410Pv7HERCULES AGAINST THE MOON MEN1964CLRFS Herc must stop an evil queen and some moon men by blindly trodding through a sandstorm. DEEP HURTING!!3.220933.220933.22093
411fcTHE MAGIC SWORD1962CLRFS A knight longs for the love of a princess, but is constantly rebuffed.3.7096753.7096753.7096753.709675
412fcHERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN1961CLRFS Hercules, his son, and a midget get stranded in Atlantis. They fight an evil queen who wants to kill her hot daughter.3.558143.558143.558143.55814
414Pv11TORMENTED1960BWHR A pianist is to be married, but is haunted by the ghost of his ex-mistress, who accidentally fell out of a lighthouse.4.441864.441864.441864.441864.44186
415fcTHE BEATNIKS1960BWBN CR A promising young singer gets in with the wrong crowd and murders a guy.3.483873.483873.483873.48387
417fcCRASH OF THE MOONS1954BWSF Space Ranger Rocky Jones must evacuate a planet before it collides with another planet.4444
418fcATTACK OF THE THE EYE CREATURES1965CLRHR MS A really bad alien movie that features aliens with many eyes that land on Earth. They just didn't care.4.032264.032264.032264.03226
419Pv12THE REBEL SET1959BWBN CR A con artist (Edward Platt) tricks a bunch of beatniks into robbing an armored car and then frames them for it on the train ride home.4.162794.162794.162794.16279
423fcBRIDE OF THE MONSTER1955BWHR MS Ed Wood classic with mad scientist Bela Lagosi, henchman Tor Johnson, a nosy female reporter, dumb cops and a monster octopus.4.104654.104654.104654.10465
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
502fcHERCULES1958CLRFS Herc teams up with Jason of the Argonauts to quest for the Golden Fleece so the he may win the hand of Iole, the King's daughter.4.104654.104654.104654.10465
503Pv10SWAMP DIAMONDS1955CLRCR DR A gang of female convicts escape from prison and search for a hidden stash of diamonds. Picnicking tourists become hostages.3.8604653.8604653.8604653.860465
506PsEEGAH!1962CLRTN HR Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage. 4.354844.354844.354844.354844.35484
507PsI ACCUSE MY PARENTS1944BWTN CR A teenager's dysfunctional family life leads him into trouble with a night club dancer and the mob.
511Pv6GUNSLINGER1956CLRWS After her husband is gunned down, Rose Hood takes his place as sheriff of a small Western town. 2.9032252.9032252.903225
512PsMITCHELL1975CLRAA Joe Don Baker is Mitchell, a cop who doesn't follow the rules, messes up everything and is pretty disgusting.4.6279054.6279054.6279054.6279054.627905
513PsTHE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE1962BWHR SF The head of a mad doctor's fiancee pops off in a car accident. He keeps it alive in a dish in his lab while he searches for a new body.3.837213.837213.837213.83721
515PsWILD, WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN1966BWHR Batwoman and her army of Batgirls fight the evil mad scientist, Rat Fink and his very silly group of henchmen, and dance a lot. End... END!!!3.6153.6153.6153.615
517PsTHE BEGINNING OF THE END1957BWSF MS Chicago is attacked by giant grasshoppers. Peter Graves and a sassy journalist save the day.4.383724.383724.383724.383724.38372
518Pv3THE ATOMIC BRAIN1964BWSF A mad scientist uses atomic power to perform brain transplants on her housekeepers.4.306454.306454.306454.306454.30645
520fcRADAR SECRET SERVICE1950BWAA Radar is great! The US Government uses radar technology to capture criminals. Umů Radar!!!4.1854.1854.1854.185
521fcSANTA CLAUS1959CLRCH FS Satan sends Pitch, one of his demons, to harass Santa by making the world's children evil.4.616284.616284.616284.616284.61628
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
602fcINVASION U.S.A.1952BWDR Evil Russia launches a nuclear attack on the USA. People in a bar decide to do for their country!3.4069753.4069753.4069753.406975
605fcCOLOSSUS AND THE HEADHUNTERS1962CLRFS Colossus leads a bunch of poor islanders to a battle against enemy headhunters.4.0645154.0645154.0645154.064515
607Pv1BLOODLUST!1961BWHR A group of vacationers including a young Mr. Brady are captured by a madman who then hunts them on his estate.3.5348853.5348853.5348853.534885
610fcTHE VIOLENT YEARS1956BWTN CR A neglected young woman leads an all girl crime spree that goes from robber to murder. Written by Ed Wood.4.20934.20934.20934.2093
621fcTHE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS1961BWHR A scientist is mutated by a nuclear explosion and goes around randomly killing people.4.661294.661294.661294.661294.66129
623fcTHE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN1960BWSF A madman forces a scientist to invent an invisibility ray by kidnapping his daughter and then uses it on an escaped bank robber.3.8023253.8023253.8023253.802325
624fcSAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN1962BWHR A famous Mexican wrestler is hired to save a young woman from a group of vampires. Frank leaves Deep 13!3.9653.9653.9653.965
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
701fcNIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST1958BWSF MS An astronaut returns from space dead. He recovers, but is infected by an alien that hitched a ride back and is now running loose.4.6976754.6976754.6976754.6976754.697675
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
806fcTHE UNDEAD1957BWFS A psychic causes a woman to regress to medieval France where her former self is accused of being a witch.3.383723.383723.383723.38372
807fcTERROR FROM THE YEAR 50001958BWSF MS Scientist working on a time machine, accidentally bring back a creature from the year 5000. Terror ensues.3.8428553.8428553.8428553.842855
810Pv10THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION1975CLRHR MS Giant spiders from another dimension start attacking. Two middle-aged scientists and Alan Hale Jr. must save the day.3.0813953.0813953.081395
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
908Pv5THE TOUCH OF SATAN1970CLRHR Free-wheeling 70's dude, Jodie, wanders on to a farm where he meets a cute girl and here scary scarred grandma who kills for fun.
909fcGORGO1961CLRMS A sea monster named Gorgo is found off the coast of Ireland. His much bigger mom comes looking for him, and she's pissed.3.6279053.6279053.6279053.627905
912fcTHE SCREAMING SKULL1958BWHR A husband tries to drive his wife insane, but the ghost of his ex-wife interferes with his plans.3.3023253.3023253.3023253.302325
Ep # Av Title Year C/BW Genre Synopsis Rating
1007fcTRACK OF THE MOON BEAST1976CLRHR MS Paul is hit by a meteorite and transforms into a lizard monster. Johny Longbow must stop him. Teens sing California Lady.3.453493.453493.453493.45349
1009Pv4HAMLET1960BWDR An old European version of the classic Shakespeare play.1.6086951.608695 design and original content © 2005 BoB McClure
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