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5, 2006 13: 1 pm

I've added Mike's Commentary Movies to the list of MST3K movies (down at the bottom). Sure they're not new MST3K, but they're pretty good substitutes. You should check them out if you haven't.

5, 2006 1: 1 am

We've got Title Screens!

A Big thanks to Kernunrex for providing the shots.

Check out his website.
He's going to start his "Year on the Satellite" project soon, and watch every episode in one year and record his thoughts.

5, 2005 13: 1 pm

Quick updates:

Added Next/Previous movie links to the movie view pages.

Added hover over tags for the ratings that give the exact number rating.

Not too many llists have been added, but I still hope they'll take off.

3, 2005 9: 1 pm

We're up! Welcome!

The movie section is pretty solid. Be sure to check it out. I'm very proud of the filtering and sorting functionality.

People and Characters needs some work. The plan is to add them in as I go, and as needed for list making.

Right now, most of the lists are just thrown together for testing and illustrative purposes. Lists will be going up as people contribute. But I will plan to keep posting more as I make them, or if people submit them.

Feel free to send in any suggestions or contributions (see the Contribute section below).

Finally, if you have any question/comments/feedback, please, email me.


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